How do metalworkers get free metal?

They steel it.

Kitties are nice, meow, meow~
Kitties eat mice, meow, meow~
I am a kitty, meow, meow~
Aren't I pretty? meow, meow~

-- song stuck in my head for the past several days. Pretty sure I did not write this but I have no idea where it came from.

maybe minor wordle#219 spoiler 

also "klong"

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maybe minor wordle#219 spoiler 

Fun fact: "plonk" is an allowed word and you should not enter it in frustration unless you actually intended to burn a guess on that.

> Your Form W2 for 2021 for [company I work for] is now available in your [HR portal thing] account. The form includes three copies -- one to file with your federal returns, one to file with your state returns, and one for your personal records.

Is someone going to tell them you can just make copies of PDFs whenever you want?

(for non-US people: this is the "how much we paid you this year for tax purposes" document employers send annually, and yes, all three copies are identical)

I made a thing! It's a live center (pointy bit that spins freely on bearings, to support the ends of long objects in a lathe) that fits in a drill chuck.

Also, 12L14 is *wonderful* material to work with. So easy to work with, while still being steel. This is my new favorite metal.

hair removal, lasers 

✘ diy laser hair removal
✓ standing naked in a cold basement, repeatedly shooting myself with a big laser to impart heat into my skin

Today I got my first "user reported an issue with our competitor to us" ticket :D

*somnologist, apparently, which is a word I have just learned and will either forget or replace with "somnomnomnomologist" depending on how hungry I am next time I need it

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I went to see my cardiologist this morning. They asked which doctor I was here for. I told them my sleep doctor's name.

Clearly that is the doctor I really needed to see.

further adventures in latheing: I have three different parting tools and none of them are usable (two because I don't have compatible holders for them because I was a dummy when buying things, one because it was brazed carbide and I chipped the sharp part off the end)


Soliciting suggestions for "dear cis people: this is how to interact with trans people" type resources, for when I want to give someone a chance to not fuck it up, but don't have high enough hopes to spend time explaining it myself.

patiently waiting for the NSA and/or some very bored internet person to identify my exact printer model from this, cross reference it with sales of printers and printer supplies, and show up at my house

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looked at it on her machine and eventually found myself staring at traces in the Windows event log of the printer driver itself crashing

tried it on my machine, and instead _the printer itself printed out an error message on paper_

(I reprinted the same pages at 95% scale and it worked, even though I'd also told it to scale to fit the page)

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me: "I haven't had a really weird printer error in a while, this is nice"

my partner: "hey, I have this PDF where pages 7 and 8 won't print, help?"


Wordle 211 2/6


how did I even

Should I be milling parts of my lathe with an end mill stuck in my drill press? No.

Should I have gotten a manual mill instead of building a CNC mill so I never have to say things like "I cannot mill this the right way because my mill's hard drive has died"? ... yeah, probably.


Wordle 207 3/6


Well *that* was a heck of a lucky guess.

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