fedi meta hot takes 

The local timeline is a symptom of people missing the point of federation. "Your community" is just the set of other people you follow.

"But instances, particularly topic-instances, also have their own local communities!"

They shouldn't. Topics and communities should be first-class entities that you can post to and follow. Maybe some of them are private/invite-only. Topic instances don't make any sense because user accounts can only be on one instance. Real humans are part of multiple communities simultaneously.

Nobody (interesting) has just one facet of their personality that dominates everything else about them and determines the one community they should be in.

Single user instances should be the default for everyone.

To the extent that software makes any of this unfeasible (which it does! particularly that last one), we should fix the software, not cling to how it works now.

I should raise my server's character limit again.

fedi meta hot takes 

To illustrate, I just saw an instance recommendation post, consisting of the following categories: General-purpose, Lefty/social justice-oriented, Scientists/academics, Creatives, Techy, Black-run, Geographical

and setting aside the fact that there are multiple instances in most of those categories, which one should a left-leaning scientist who enjoys painting choose?

Does the answer change if they live in Montréal and want to see posts about local events there?

counterpoint re: fedi meta hot takes 

alts! :D

i definitely agree that living exclusively on a topic instance isn't desirable

but fedi has another oft-overlooked mechanism that addresses this: it's possible (and encouraged) to have as many alts on as many instances as you can manage

better alt-management features would be a cool addition

counterpoint re: fedi meta hot takes 

@energeticmuon Meh, I see alts as a hack around all the things I said.

Accounts are identities. Interaction with a group is a different kind of thing. If I post a thing about plants and then a thing about code those things are both still from @emily.

With all the recent arguing over whether Mastodon is bad, this seems even weirder: it also ties community membership to which software the particular person who happens to be running that community happened to choose when they set it up. As it is, people who don't like Mastodon can't switch away from it without leaving a community, and that's terrible for a platform whose entire thing is "use whichever of these things you want, they're all part of the same big network and you can talk to anyone!"

fedi meta hot takes 

@emily yeah I've had some grumbles with how Mastodon adopted many of the worst traits of Twitter (like having to subscribe to a whole person and not streams of a person that you find interesting - i.e. many would have loved to filter out my politics tweets and only see my tech/robot stuff) - agreed, but at this point it seems like you either play ball with the tiny space that exists now (like yay, fedi exists at all!), or take your ball and leave, so to speak

fedi meta hot takes 

@klardotsh fwiw you haven't particularly bothered me, but I have absolutely had to unsubscribe from people I otherwise interesting because they would not

fedi meta hot takes 

@klardotsh stop posting several context-free messages that should have been one

fedi meta hot takes 

@klardotsh So yeah, if I could subscribe to "X's interesting posts but not X's shitposting" I would love that.

Honestly, I kind of just want Reddit, but circa 10 years ago before it went all *gestures vaguely at current reddit*, and federated.

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