fedi meta hot takes 

The local timeline is a symptom of people missing the point of federation. "Your community" is just the set of other people you follow.

"But instances, particularly topic-instances, also have their own local communities!"

They shouldn't. Topics and communities should be first-class entities that you can post to and follow. Maybe some of them are private/invite-only. Topic instances don't make any sense because user accounts can only be on one instance. Real humans are part of multiple communities simultaneously.

Nobody (interesting) has just one facet of their personality that dominates everything else about them and determines the one community they should be in.

Single user instances should be the default for everyone.

To the extent that software makes any of this unfeasible (which it does! particularly that last one), we should fix the software, not cling to how it works now.

I should raise my server's character limit again.


fedi meta hot takes 

To illustrate, I just saw an instance recommendation post, consisting of the following categories: General-purpose, Lefty/social justice-oriented, Scientists/academics, Creatives, Techy, Black-run, Geographical

and setting aside the fact that there are multiple instances in most of those categories, which one should a left-leaning scientist who enjoys painting choose?

Does the answer change if they live in Montréal and want to see posts about local events there?

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