"Chicago is lower than we would like it to be, so let's just move it upward a bit"

@emily they also permanently reversed the direction of the river so it would stop dumping sewage into the lake!

@emily used to live in Chicago: there are parts of town where, usually due to potholes of epic proportions that CDOT/IDOT refuse to (or can't afford to) fill, you can see through to the cobblestone and brick "original city". it's absolutely insane to experience and to ponder the feat of engineering it took.

(Chicago is an engineer-historian's dream of course, also being home to the first skyscrapers and the ill-thought-out-actually reversal of the Chicago River)

@emily oh, the other engineering marvel of the US is probably my _other_ recent-past home of Seattle:

several hills were shortened or flattened and the dirt used to build much of downtown (which, just like Chicago's, burned down and was rebuilt at a higher elevation. no jackstand-based lift-while-shopping in Seattle's case, though)

@klardotsh what I'm hearing here is that your presence in cities causes major environmental disasters, retroactively.

@emily probably accurate, I think this means Dayton is gonna get wiped out by a newly formed volcano in about 2 million years or so

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