software +, file formats - 

Just had to copy the pin table of a 448-pin BGA out of a PDF because that was the only format it was available in.

Whoever added Okular's table selection mode was a genius.

software +, file formats - 

This wouldn't even be so bad if PDF actually _had_ tables. But no, it has lines and absolutely-positioned individual bits of text, and if you try to do something reasonable like select the text from a table row where one of the cells contains multiple lines of text, you get whatever order the bits of text would look like they're in if you had no idea what a table was and just read all the bits of text straight across, and then your copied text is full of I2C1_SDA, I2C2_SDA, SPI1_NSS, I2C4_SDA, oh here's the text you actually wanted, UART2_MISO, TIM1_SDMMC_TX_RX_CH2, VDDSSCCEE

... PDF is not my favorite file format.

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