google, and the standard complaints thereabout 

You... you tried.

(trying to find a thing I saw ages ago that was a self-hosted search engine that indexes pages you've already visited, anyone know what it is?)

@Seirdy @M4ch1n3H34d Pretty sure I was thinking of 's proxy mode:

> It can be run either in a crawling mode or as a local proxy server, indexing web pages visited by the person running YaCy on their computer.

@Seirdy mm, I don't think so, that looks like a p2p thing but the thing I'm thinking of was totally local.

Also possible this doesn't actually exist and I'm conflating more than one things and/or dreamed it.

@M4ch1n3H34d it was definitely not the wayback machine, it was a self hosted thing

@emily @Seirdy I have read your posts earlier today and should have remained quiet. Haha. In your wisdom, I am humbled. As I seem to have no clue to the degree you understand ICT.

are you doing the personal knowledge engine thing? I attended this talk a few years ago from this guy who has this really refined system of news feeds and personal search engines. yacy was one of the tools he used

@Seirdy @M4ch1n3H34d

@2ck @emily @M4ch1n3H34d yacy is...really overkill for searching in a personal knowledge engine. There are a bunch of open source full-text engines out there to pick from; they don't have to be literally webscale.

@Seirdy @2ck @M4ch1n3H34d Nah. I don't have anywhere near the level of motivation required to set up my own search engine.

I was doing the "trying to find a page I'd read a few months ago" thing and then went off on a mental tangent trying to find this *other* page I'd read a few months ago that would've helped me find this page. (I did eventually find both pages.)

well the whole enterprise of building such a thing seems like overkill for most people. like, even a CEO or something would have the company to tell them what they need to know. if it's a hobby though 🤷‍♂️

@emily @M4ch1n3H34d

@emily I used to be a regular contributor to YaCy many years ago. The proxy was what @orbiter added as the first way to index websites before implementing a crawler. The proxy did not add any websites to the index which potentially contained any personal data. If I remember correctly, hints for personalised websites were the usage of URL parameters, cookies or HTTPS. Nowadays most websites meet one or more of these criteria and the proxy became less useful.

@emily Oops, I didn't notice that your post was a few weeks old already until after sending my post. I hope you don't mind that I dug up this old topic.

@m2c_n3e no worries! I wound up not doing this because effort.

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