Storm results: ~24h power outage, mildly flooded basement, one tree removed after a third of it was spontaneously relocated to our driveway.

I live in Ohio. I should not have to deal with hurricanes anymore.

@emily Yikes. No one hurt, I hope?

I'm always sad to lose a tree. Right now, we need all the trees we can get.

A mature oak of ours lost most of its branches during emergency roadworks last year. It now looks like a twisted tuning fork. Mrs Wife had the clever idea of planting wisteria next to it. The wisteria will grow up around the oak and make it look beautiful again, and won't harm it. She planted it the other week. I go out every evening to water it — even I can manage to do that.😄

@markusl We're physically fine, yeah. Just extremely annoyed.

A neighbor (the nice one that came over and cleared our driveway) told us that tree had done that several times before, and it had grown into a weird shape and there kind of wasn't a way to cut it to make that stop happening, and the part that broke off this time was the main trunk, so unfortunately it finally had to go.

I do want to replace it, but undecided what to replace it with.

@emily A tree is a gift to the people who come after us. We're lucky enough to have a(nother) oak that must be over a century old. It's proud, tall, healthy and magnificent. On the other side, there's a beautiful but messy weeping willow, which someone probably planted in a failed attempt to make the garden less swampy in winter, and which now provides blessed shade in summer.

We've just planted some fruit trees that will probably see us out. Meanwhile, there'll be fresh fruit every autumn.

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