amazing computer badness 

Today I tried to install Windows. I spent *literally four hours* arguing with the Windows installer over some vague "I need a driver but I will not tell you what device I need it for" thing, that I interpreted as meaning the drive I wanted to install to, because idk, I don't know Windows, maybe nvme is too special to Just Work, like back when you had to hit some F-key during boot to load a SCSI driver?

Nope. Turns out it meant the USB drive it was installing *from*. It started setup just fine treating it as USB2, then suddenly noticed it was in a USB3 port and refused to continue unless given a USB3 driver to load.

*slow clap*

@LunaDragofelis I don't use it myself, but this particular machine is for someone whose use cases are legitimately best served by a Windows box.

re: amazing computer badness 

@emily WOW.

It's USB 3. Shouldn't it already HAVE drivers for that since like, forever??

re: amazing computer badness 

@IceWolf One would think so. I'm not sure if the install media doesn't contain all the drivers of a full Windows installation, or if Windows has just given up on shipping drivers and always downloads most of them, or if this particular machine has a bizarre USB controller (doubtful, aren't those in the CPU these days?)

amazing computer badness 

@emily it's not just that!

You have to burn Windows ISO in a specific way, if you are on Linux, and disconnect all other drives from the computer if you have any, because Windows is hardcoded to install a bootloader on the first drive instead of the one you choose.

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