Reading a datasheet that is clearly describing an I2C interface, calls it "I2C-style", says it's "interoperable with industry standard implementations of
the I2C serial bus", but notably goes out of its way to never actually claim that the interface *is* I2C.

I feel like I'm about to be tricked in some way.

re: electronics 

@emily its because I2C is/was patented by philips/nxp so this wording avoids royalties or some other bullshit

its also why its called "TWI" (two-wire interface) in ATmega docs instead

re: electronics 

@emily or maybe trademarks, like how RC4 implementations would often say "*alleged* RC4" or something similar

re: electronics 

@sys64738 ahh, I'd seen the TWI thing before but assumed the backstory was something *reasonable* like "it's a simple enough protocol that two people invented it independently around the same time"

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