I may have only just found out that C. S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll were different people. That... would be why he/they appeared to have done so much random stuff.

@emily 🧠 is keymashing on an old typewriter. the legs that are jammed together include:

- what if Wonderland were the remains of postapocalyptic Narnia reformed
- Narnia but more satirical and less preachy would be good, actually
- Lewis writing Jabberwocky would be... :oh_no:
- Red Queen/White Witch crackship

@emily also he/they C.S. Lewis (search your feelings, dear reader, you know it to be true)

@emily Mm...Alice's Adventures in Narnia...Mere Jabberwocky...

@emily I had a similar thing with Naomi Klein and Naomi Wolff. Her quality just seemed so wildly variable.

@celesteh @emily i've accidentally cancelled Peter Molyneux at least twice

@celesteh @emily ...TIL he's doing NFT shit now, i guess third time's the charm :oh_no:

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