computers are so bad 

Just tried to install a ruby gem bundle and wtf, no, if you can't write to /usr/bin the answer is never "silently call sudo in the background and do it anyway"

computers are so bad 

also btw this definitely said "ruby gem bundle thing", in a "humorously using many related words together" sort of way, but I accidentally dropped "thing" and now it looks like I don't know what I'm talking about

computers are so bad 

@emily aka delete sudo now, it is a giant security hole all by itself.

computers are so bad 

@crashglasshouses meh, not any more than su.

I have, however, now been convinced to turn off NOPASSWD.

re: computers are so bad 

@emily @crashglasshouses Also make sure there isn't some kind of persistance.
(or consider doas where persistance is a clear opt-in)

computers are so bad 

@emily NPM and Bundler ecosystems try to do this shit SO MUCH . It's also how folks attempt (fail) to fix Ruby/Python dep stuff locally too because they're handed fish and not enabled to fish correctly on their own: "oh bundle install failed, what if I just slap sudo in front of that shit and try again"

And then queue SREs getting dispatched to clean up the cryptic mess lol

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