Went digging around in my laptop's firmware for a thing and discovered that I am having a slight Thermal Issue apparently

@emily your laptop has evolved into some kind of completely unheard of semiconductor which could be used to make more efficient solar panels.

@adam Nope! It is running at normal laptop temperatures, as far as I can tell.

(Linux says numbers between 28-52C, which I also do not trust, but that's at least in normal electronics operating range)

@emily 28 does sound low. I've noticed some weird scaling issues on some hardware, but overall data presented by sensor controller seem consistent and accurate when scaling is applied correctly. YMMV. Absolutely nuts to see such an issue in bios lol.

@emily you've heard of MS Surface, but have you heard about the Sun Surface?

@pixelkeen alternate universe in which Sun is still around and making computers

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