There's a thing people with opinions do sometimes, where they assume that anyone who doesn't like a thing just *doesn't understand* it, and their response is invariably to just explain the thing louder:

- Lisp and Forth's syntax
- blockchains, and applications thereof
- that one guy I used to work with who proudly stated that anyone who disagreed with his overly strict git commit message standards just needed to get good at git
- some nontrivial portion of controversial political issues

I don't know what to do with this revelation, except to maybe form the Curly Braces Party and run for office on a bizarre platform that only takes positions on things of no consequence.

@emily The unsalted butter single issue voters are going to love you "that one guy I used to work with who proudly stated that anyone who disagreed with his overly strict git commit message standards just needed to get good at git"
this person would not like me at all and i somewhat enjoy that fact.

@logan But did you know you can pass `-m` twice to add more text after the subject line, or not pass `-m` at all to open $EDITOR?

Obviously you didn't, and that is the reason you don't do the subject+separate description thing, you just didn't know you could. If you did, you'd clearly see how awesome it is.

(I wish I was mischaracterizing the argument, but I am not, this is actually a thing someone said) i just don't care 😆

git serves only 2 purposes.
1. i can point to it and go 'look at my terrible code!'
2. if my local system goes down for whatever reason i can recover the code and i wont have to start from ground 0 again.

so really instead of me getting good they just need to get out of my way and just hold my files.

@logan @emily git is a great tool, I wish somebody wrote a decent CLI for it tho!

@rysiek @logan @emily

FWIW, I got a lot better at git once I developed a good mental model of how it works.

(I should probably write that blog post where I explain it sometime, but Git For Computer Scientists was pretty helpful:

) i put it in the makefile so that it can compile the project first as a "dependency" of pushing it to git.
this way it wont push to git if it doesn't at least compile.

it might still be broken of course but at least it compiles
😺 #🤔

@logan @emily I guess it's safe to say he responded to complaints about that by telling them to
git good

@emily brb going to form the Spaces Party to run for office against the Tabs Party

@be as a member of the Tabs Party, I strongly disapprove of this and I'm going to make some extremely impolite and extremely ad hominem campaign ads against you

@emily @be If your code isn’t readable on a 30 year old vt220 I will get unreasonably upset and question your skill.

@emily @be oh crap… I just realised I was *that guy* on the tabs side of this disagreement for a long time before I understood that it doesn’t matter…

Like, a LONG time

missing the point, pedantic 

but forth has no syntax ;3

missing the point, pedantic, trolling 

@binarycat Yes, that's the problem :)

@emily I mean, one of those is not like the others. 🙂

All but one are points where one could reasonably have a different opinion, and there can be an interesting discussion around the topic as long as everybody are willing to listen.

@loke The best part of this comment is that you didn't specify which one you're talking about.


Maybe counter with the assumption that the other person likes it because they *don't* understand it well *enough* and proceed to explain it back to them in excruciating detail while pointing out the flaws?

I mean, it'd be really tedious but kind of funny.

@emily I'd like to know what that fallacy is called. It's where you say "Only people who claim X is true are qualified to judge whether X is true or not." Like the Emperor's New Clothes but for nerds instead of hipsters.

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