hi healthcare/finance companies, please stop making Secure Message Portals that are just email but worse, thanks

@emily And if you can't do that, could you at least put it on a subdomain of your primary domain rather than sticking it on a domain like TotallyLegitPatientPortalForYourFamilyDoctor dot biz

@emily they have to. I suspect it would be a HIPAA violation for healthcare companies in the US to use email. And it would be a fraud good mine if finance companies communicated by email. Until we get an end-to-end secure messaging mechanism in common use (which we won't), they are going to have to rely on hosted apps. I think the fight is to get them to make the messaging systems better.

@oh_that_courtney then *fix email*, dammit, stop doing the "there are now 18 competing standards" thing

@emily sadly at least in healthcare it's some combination of legal requirements and CYA

@klardotsh I am so tired of "because legal reasons" being used to justify dumb things :|

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