I really do need to get up and do stuff. But also, kitten.

programming pun 


(I was going to clean up the weird darkened square, but it'd ruin the amazing followup pun one of my coworkers made: "The interface isn't as transparent as I'd hoped.")

A series of seemingly unrelated facts:
- "de" is a very common word in Spanish
- there is a thing called a quinceañera; relevant parts are that it's a party for 15-year-olds, particularly Spanish-speaking ones, and often involves fancy dresses
- the VGA connector was called DE-15

And that, I assume, is why both Google and DDG get very confused when asked for images of "DE-15".

I found a big mushroom in my yard today, growing under a piece of cardboard that had blown onto the grass. It's about a foot wide.

Unsure whether to just let the lawn people run over it, or get more cardboard and try to cultivate an entire yard of giant mushrooms.

Why the fuck would you not put the prices on the menu :|

what. are. you. doing.

in no universe should restarting a home automation service result in gcc being invoked

Tonight I made a series of questionable decisions leading to me pulling apart a dial caliper, where I found this amazing pair of holes:

Needed a metal plate, saw one on the half-disassembled CNC that looked about the right size, pulled the bed off to get to it.

This is my handwriting but I do not remember it :D I was either frustrated or having way too much fun when I did this.

"hm, this sure would go faster if I had a grindy-type tool with accurate angles"

*looks at lathe*

*looks at box of random orbital sander pads*

*pushes another tool onto the yak-shaving stack*

(Results: works okay, needs more velcro to hold the pad on)

Also, old networking stuff, have not tested any of this to see if it still works, but I will before mailing it (and find compatible AC adapters in the process).

Anything from this list is yours for the cost of shipping, or free if you really need it and can't afford shipping.

- TP-Link TL-WR740N (router/802.11n wifi AP)
- UniFi AP + PoE injector (old one, 802.11n, not the newer 802.11ac one)
- SB6121 cable modem (black)
- SB6141 cable modem (white)

and one not-networking stuff, I have no idea why I have this but I do not use it or need it:
- Cen-Tech 66632 tachometer

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I just got around to pulling my CNC mill apart, now I have all this stuff that I am very unlikely to use again, so trying the thing:

- Mesa 7i76ED (ethernet-based robotics control board) + two pretty rainbow ribbon cables
- 500W BLDC spindle + power supply + controller + mounting bracket + 2 sets of ER11 collets + Emily™ Artisan Hand-Made Collet Organizer
- 3x NEMA 17 stepper motors (17HS19-2004S1)
- 4x stepper motor drivers (TB6600)
- 4x rotary encoders (MBL3806-AB-600-24C-2M)
- rotary axis + tailstock (cannot find where I bought this from, looks like but with 3-jaw chuck, motor is also 17HS19-2004S1)
- shielded 4-conductor cables of various lengths that I'll throw in for free, probably not worth shipping on their own

I have not bothered to look up what any of this is worth; offers welcome. Shipping is from US, zip code 45431, via whatever shipping service you prefer, or USPS if you don't care.

in which CDDA accidentally explains the problem with socializing

Half the soybeans were already outgrowing the seed starter trays so I went ahead and transplanted them way earlier than planned. It's *probably* fine.

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