Also Google *image* search finds Github issues now and... generates images for them? These images do not appear on the linked issue pages, they are literally autogenerated screenshots of the headers from issue pages.

Someone (unsure if Github or Google) sat down one day and actually wrote code to do this.



it is I, Emily, secret owner of all the clickfarm blogs apparently

(because every time I make fun of spam and/or scams here someone shows up to helpfully inform me that it is spam and/or a scam: yes, I am aware)

I also bodged together a bandsaw table thing because it was easier than the way I cut out the first one.

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And other side done! (and both refinished to frosted acrylic, it glows nicer)

Not assembled yet, because I decided to just order a bag of those little brass M3 standoffs instead of making another 5 tiny spacers that don't work as well.

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I haven't done any machining (or, like, building stuff at all) recently. Tonight I made this base for my new keyboard.

I'll probably go back with a sander and make it frosted acrylic. I don't like the transparent kind as much as I thought I would.


Everyone else: let's mark pin 1 so people know which direction to solder things

SK6812: okay but what if the opposite of that

(hi I just soldered like 40 of these before figuring out why they were all simultaneously shorting)

Went digging around in my laptop's firmware for a thing and discovered that I am having a slight Thermal Issue apparently

grumbling about text formatting 

Or it wraps anyway and you get unreadable trash.

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This is the most uncomfortable IC package.

google, and the standard complaints thereabout 

You... you tried.

electronics, horrible website malfunctions 

okay, okay, I promise to not use this in any real products


I really do need to get up and do stuff. But also, kitten.

programming pun 


(I was going to clean up the weird darkened square, but it'd ruin the amazing followup pun one of my coworkers made: "The interface isn't as transparent as I'd hoped.")

A series of seemingly unrelated facts:
- "de" is a very common word in Spanish
- there is a thing called a quinceañera; relevant parts are that it's a party for 15-year-olds, particularly Spanish-speaking ones, and often involves fancy dresses
- the VGA connector was called DE-15

And that, I assume, is why both Google and DDG get very confused when asked for images of "DE-15".

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