@byterhymer @maya github.com/microsoft/terminal/ is the actual issue, there are people talking about it happening suddenly if a thing is printing out an animated "..." as a progress indicator, and other people talking about "just change your font to one that doesn't do that", so I'm pretty sure that's just font ligatures

@byterhymer @maya I think it's a rendering thing, not an actually-replacing-the-input-buffer-contents thing

@oblomov hahaha, I noticed that and then proceeded to read right over it assuming it was fancy typographer slang I'd not seen before

Also Google *image* search finds Github issues now and... generates images for them? These images do not appear on the linked issue pages, they are literally autogenerated screenshots of the headers from issue pages.

Someone (unsure if Github or Google) sat down one day and actually wrote code to do this.


@oblomov I'm having trouble visualizing that, got an example?

why is there an st ligature, who asked for this and why do they like watching me repeatedly try to wipe nonexistent dirt off my screen

@SigmaOne this is like the Finnish equivalent of that thing dumb English speakers do where they "speak Spanish" by wrapping everything in "el ... o"

@prehensile mildly annoyed that 'nite' is allowed on the last one, but 'bite' is not

me: "yeah, I know how to write a check, like a real adult who is smart and knows numbers and stuff"

also me: "one thousand sixteen hundred dollars"

@ifixcoinops for a single row of extremely tall books, of course

complaining about the US healthcare system 

COBRA is the most absurd thing ever. What if we make a thing to make your insurance not end when you leave a job, but it works by... letting your insurance end and then we send you a form a month later to retroactively fix it?

(also that whole thing with health insurance being tied to employment is absurd too of course)


it is I, Emily, secret owner of all the clickfarm blogs apparently

(because every time I make fun of spam and/or scams here someone shows up to helpfully inform me that it is spam and/or a scam: yes, I am aware)

@rgegriff imagine dragon buffalo Buffalo dragons draggin' dragon buffalo.

@klardotsh it's probably trivial, in a hilariously non-obvious way. Most things in GIMP are.

@friend I did consider metric pipes, but 38mm isn't a standard metric pipe size either.

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