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Playing around learning how to lathe. 6061 aluminum, ~25mm diameter.

I believe this is what the hip kids refer to as " af".

there are two kinds of flatbread, naan and non-naan

It's super weird to jump between computer land, where we consider "proprietary" to almost universally be a bad thing, to tool land, where marketing people are proudly like "our thing is good because it is made of our proprietary Stuffium™".

About a year ago I retrofitted a new LCD onto my piano. Today I _finally_ got around to printing a bezel for it, instead of just leaving it awkwardly sitting in the screen-hole.

Is this the beginning of a wonderful year in which I actually finish some of the projects I start? (Probably not!)

Advantages: doesn't randomly zero itself if you look at it wrong
Disadvantages: the phrase "dial-up caliper" is stuck in my head now and I have no idea what to do with that

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I switched to an analog dial caliper after my third digital one died. This already feels like a good decision.

Okay, so apparently Pleroma->Mastodon migration is only a thing in theory. Or I am too dumb to do it. Ah well, it is done and I lost all five of my statuses.


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