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shit companies have said in response to name changes 

"Is [deadname] still with the company?"

(this is a personal account, there is no company)

name changing stuff ± 

I hereby award one Internet Point to Vanguard, for being the only financial institution I've changed my name at so far to have a working web form for doing so, and even using their existing 2FA system to verify my identity for it.

The other one I've done recently also did it online, but in the sense that I had to print out some forms, call them, ask them to email me a Secure Upload Link™, and upload photographs of the paper forms. That's their actual documented process. Someone set up that system on purpose.

I may have only just found out that C. S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll were different people. That... would be why he/they appeared to have done so much random stuff.


Reading a datasheet that is clearly describing an I2C interface, calls it "I2C-style", says it's "interoperable with industry standard implementations of
the I2C serial bus", but notably goes out of its way to never actually claim that the interface *is* I2C.

I feel like I'm about to be tricked in some way.

amazing computer badness 

Today I tried to install Windows. I spent *literally four hours* arguing with the Windows installer over some vague "I need a driver but I will not tell you what device I need it for" thing, that I interpreted as meaning the drive I wanted to install to, because idk, I don't know Windows, maybe nvme is too special to Just Work, like back when you had to hit some F-key during boot to load a SCSI driver?

Nope. Turns out it meant the USB drive it was installing *from*. It started setup just fine treating it as USB2, then suddenly noticed it was in a USB3 port and refused to continue unless given a USB3 driver to load.

*slow clap*

Storm results: ~24h power outage, mildly flooded basement, one tree removed after a third of it was spontaneously relocated to our driveway.

I live in Ohio. I should not have to deal with hurricanes anymore.

I just got an autoreply from another company's support@ that ended with:

> This message is private and confidential. Any views or opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of {Company}.

That's not me censoring the company name, it literally just says {Company}.

"hey @emily, how's your [thing] build going?"

"??? I'm not building a [thing]"

"I thought you were"

"I went off on a 'could I do this' tangent and priced out materials on ebay for an hour, you have no idea how many projects I do that with but have no intention of ever actually starting them"

I am the very model of a rhyming couplet generator
But sometimes I must admit they don't make sense refrigerator

firearms, uspol 

Ah, the US, where homeowners insurance quotes automatically include coverage for thousands of dollars worth of firearms that you can't decline.


Bonus: this picture doesn't actually match the measurements given later in the datasheet; the spacing between the corners and the corner-adjacent pads is identical to the spacing between all the other pads.

I didn't mention this in the image description because I didn't notice myself until I finished drawing the footprint in kicad and then looked back at this post and saw the difference.

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This is the most uncomfortable IC package.

@Seirdy @M4ch1n3H34d Pretty sure I was thinking of 's proxy mode:

> It can be run either in a crawling mode or as a local proxy server, indexing web pages visited by the person running YaCy on their computer.

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(trying to find a thing I saw ages ago that was a self-hosted search engine that indexes pages you've already visited, anyone know what it is?)

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google, and the standard complaints thereabout 

You... you tried.

I continue to be moderately annoyed at how the most common use of a thing becomes *the* term for that thing.

MIPI CSI? Nobody knows what that is (including search engines, a lot of the time).

Raspberry Pi camera [to be used with a non-Raspberry Pi host]? Oh, you mean *those* things! Here you go!


(yes, I know TSSOP is two rows of pins, ground and the eleven different power supplies DDR7 will need are all on the other side)

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All high-speed parallel buses should be exposed on a single row of pins. If that means DDR chips come in a comically long TSSOP-512 instead of BGA, so be it.

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